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for a DO-IT-YOURSELF and HOW TO, of course you can google or youtube it.

if anyone has tips to share from their experience please email it to - info@thewallproject.com

FOR STARTERS: Go to the nearest hardware or paint shop and ask to see the color pallete for exterior wall paints. you can buy water soluable acrylic distemper or drippy but glossy - oil paints. buy brushes and go find your wall. get permission and paint.


MURALS - waiting for contributions

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FRENCH WRITER "ROCK" - shares his experience with spray cans in INDIA

in India you'll find spray brands such as Bosny - it comes in basic colors like red, blue, green, pink, yellow, black & white + a few other ones so, very limited panel of colours. you'll get some chromes & golds too.

Paint isn't cheap (approx. 3 euros a can) and is of the lowest quality : it don't cover that much & spraycans come with female caps , so forget about bringing banana skinnys & be ready for some "subway art" era painting conditions. There's some female skinnys you can buy online from australia, never tried em but it can be the best thing to do if you want to stick to spraycans.The sprays have high pressure (like old krylons) and shitty origin caps, but it's ok if you just release some pressure and don't expect to do fine detailed work. if you do characters, consider bringing skin tones, as they're not easily available here.

consider using acrylics (at least for fillings), easily foundable all over india. Usually you'll get white base + tainter (black, blue,red & yellow) but a few shops have mixing machine so you can choose a particular color on a color chart and got it made. "india paints" acrylics are good, brushes & rollers are cheap. When looking for paint & supply anywhere in india, just go to the city market (bazar) and ask for a paint shop. I usually bring some outlines in my bag and i never had any problem with air france, air india, british airways or qatar airways ... number of cans is up to you. the problem is indian domestic airlines, and their fear of terrorist threats: they're pretty paranoid. they will find and keep your sprays (with almost no chance to get em back) so if you need to travel with cans, stick to trains !

if you're looking for places to paint, avoid public ones, it's a pain in the ass to get authorizations (even for really bad condition walls you'd think nobody cares about) best option is to go to slum areas, be nice,show a few pics, and just ask locals for that particular wall you spotted.people are usually curious and friendly + kids love graffiti : they'll be glad to have you painting a wall in their neighborhood (even more if you write the local cricket team's name!).

Don't forget many people here don't have any idea what graffiti is, and why a foreigner comes to their place to paint a wall that's not an advertising mural for some brand, just take the time to explain that's free art. most people in these areas live in tight communities so you most certainly will have to meet the local community representative, so don't be surprised if people ask you to come back later to speak with that particular guy before giving you the green light ... if he likes your work he might ask you to paint other walls and arrange your needs of ladders,water,buckets ...

avoid any sexual or political references (india is very conservative) and be cautious with religious representations (some people might feel offended having a foreigner depicting one of their gods).

voila, have fun & enjoy painting in India !

rock's exqusite artwork


INDIAN WRITER "SUN1" shares his tips with spray cans avaliable in Mumbai

To start up outdoor graffiti 2 things that ought to be essential, one being a legalised wall and second most important spray cans. Association with Wall Project India has got me access to legal walls in Mumbai, but the latter was a bit of a task especially when you want to achieve that perfect piece as pictured in your mind… There are a variety of spray can available in India like Bosny, Kobe, Just Spray, Classic Paint and so on but what’s the catch here is the consistency of the paints and also that they all ‘Male’ cans that means you cannot change the nozzles/caps in these cans. So you are stuck with the original cap that comes along with the spray can and also another shortfall of these cans are that high pressure cans so the detailing that you aim for can be forgotten about..

Importing spray cans and nozzle being in India is not a viable option for the very fact that they end up being really heavy on the wallet.. After using my ‘Googling’ skills I finally found out that ‘Sabotaz 80’ cans are available in India and yes we have a dealer in India who gets it shipped for us.

What’s so good about Sabotaz 80 cans?

Well Sabotaz cans are ‘Female’ cans, so that means you can change nozzles/caps as per requirement, they are low pressure cans along with the consistency of the paint being really thick. The cans are available at a cost double to the normal spray cans available in the market but along with the cans you get 4 interchangeable nozzles. But the only drawback is that the paints are not openly available in the market and you have to go through the dealers for getting the required shades. Also its advisable to place bulk orders for the cans. The end result after getting the cans in your hands all you want to do is ‘Frame It’ J

Icing on your cake is when you finally realise that all that you have been looking out for is right here. And yes I am talking about ‘Female’ Spray Cans In India..

Well the dealers for Sabotaz 80 cans are suppliers & dealers for industrial paints in India. They also have a variety of spray cans ranging from General Use, Fluorescent to Metallic. After buying Sabotaz from them that’s when I realised that they have their in-house brand of spray cans known as Cosmos LAC. And they by far are the only ‘Female’ spray cans that I have found in India. They quality of the paint is good (definitely we are not comparing it with Sabotaz here J ) but yes the pressure is similar to the other cans available in India. Best part is that u can now use all types of ‘Male’ nozzles/caps with this can. And yes the graffiti piece that you imagined with all the intrigue detailing can now be a reality in India.
P.S. : As you know that while using spray cans it’s a must to use respirator to prevent yourself from the fume. (ya the paint smells like crap, as well has the fumes can harm you)

Adios, Go Bombing!!!
 - Sun1